What’s The Property Market Doing?

The most common question that I get asked lately, no matter where I go, is “What’s the property market doing in Brisbane?”

And being candidly honest .. ‘it’s come off the boil’ since about October/November 2018. Sellers aren’t getting the prices that they were hoping for last year and have had to re-adjust their expectations – or keep there properties on the market with NO SALE! The buyers have lost the sense of urgency that we saw last year and aren’t in any big hurray to put offers on properties. They know the market has turned in their favour! Every agent who I’ve talked to recently is complaining that it’s very hard to get buyers to even make an offer.

Will Brisbane’s property prices drop as much as Melbourne & Sydney? – NO WAY, because we haven’t had the massive growth that the big two southern cities had over the last 10 years.